Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yay for Jenna!

Today I drove Jenna to Northern Lights Greyhound to meet a potential new dad and she ended up leaving this afternoon to her forever home! I'm so happy for her and miss her already. *tears* She was my first foster and will always hold a special place in my heart. Many Blessings to Jenna and her new family.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Enjoying the Retired Life

In the past few days we have discovered that Jenna is a grunter. She'll let out a very loooong grunt when she lays down.
Jenna's paws pads are so sensitive to pavement that she has gotten two tiny cuts from little pebbles on both her back paws. She acts as of they hurt so we are taking a couple days off from walking. I've also noticed that she gets stiff and groans if she gets too active, so we have limited stair use and fetching outdoors.
Jenna is always ready to love you up 24/7. When I get home and let her out of her kennel she gets so excited that she just sits as her back legs shake wildly the whole time I pet her. Then she'll do her crazy bunny hop and sometimes knock me down!
Sleeping is Jenna's favorite hobby. She does great in her crate all night and only whines close to getting up. She loves lounging and sleeping on an awesome bed that I set up for her in the living room. As you can see in the photo she has a choice of her comfortable kennel, a large dog bed, or a 3 inch full sized foam topper with blankets AND a dog bed on top. She is so spoiled! She hogs the whole bed and rolls all over it and sometimes will share it with me.
Jenna is very easy going. She is great with her daily tooth brushing, hair brushing, ear cleaning and even nail dremel.
I believe she has settled into our home happily and has perfected the art of retirement.

For more information on adopting Jenna or other greyhounds in the Twin Cities area, please visit Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lukes Jenna

I was curious about Jenna's birthday so I checked it out on Greyhound-Data and found additional information on her.
Lukes Jenna was born on September 8th, 2000 to Johnny Mystic (dam) and Gable Killer (sire).
She raced 62 times with 8 wins, 7 seconds and 5 thirds.
She has had three litters with a total of 12 offspring.

Jenna is so amazing and we're so lucky to be fostering her.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Silly Jenna!

It has been a week since Jenna entered our lives. Yesterday we went back to the vet to get her spay stitches out. She was a little nervous during the whole ride there and back, but all went well. With her stitches out, I started throwing tennis balls for Jenna in the backyard. She just has a blast running after them, pouncing, staring them down and chewing on them. She does this a few times and then is pooped!
Jenna loves stealing articles of clothing and bringing them back to her bed(hat, shoes, pillows, shorts, shirts, socks). She does this a few times a day, but quickly gives them up when I ask her. She loved the squeaky toy I bought for her today(I don't usually have them because my Weimaraners shreds them instantly).
I heard Jenna bark for the first time this afternoon. We were all napping in the basement and I woke up to Jenna at the sliding glass door barking her silly head off! Turns out she doesn't like yellow finches feeding in our backyard. I called her back to lay down but she continued to bark until they flew off. Birds beware of Jenna! After our nap I let all the dogs out but Jenna stayed inside. After just 1 minute I came back in to see why she didn't follow us...Jenna was busy chewing up my cell phone that I forgot and left out! Luckily the phone still works (minus camera). I've been really diligent about puppy proofing, so this is the first contraband she's gotten a hold of.
Every night we go for a 20 min walk and everything is so new to her! Gas stations, cars, children laughing and everything else we overlook she takes it all in.
She has learned how to use the stairs the past couple of days. When going down I like to walk next to her just in case, but she rocks going back up.
Jenna is a complete joy and I look forward to sharing more of her crazy acts! I really love this dog, she's absolutely adorable and has stolen my heart.

Chewing on a monkey

Tortured with dress up in a red tank top to match her collar

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dog Days of Spring

Today was the first 90 degree day in Minnesota (a record breaker) and it is not even June! Like all greyhounds, Jenna has trouble regulating her body temp because she is mostly muscle and very little fat. She gets hot very easily so I've placed a fan on her since day one. She sure was grateful to have it blowing on her today!
It has been a joy watching Jenna come out of her shell more and more each day. Yesterday she played with a toy for the first time. She was flinging a knotted rope toy into the air, twirling it around, and pouncing on it. Sadly, I did not have my camera on me to document it. She also has started to do very short sprints in the back yard.
There are things to work on with Jenna. She likes to rip off tags on extension cords and has chewed on a book. She quickly stopped when I correct her though. I hope to teach her basic commands (sit, down, stay, come)once she is completely healed from her surgeries. I also can't wait to spoil her with yummy treats.
Until next time I leave you with pictures of Jenna in front of the fan trying to stay cool...

Jenna with Leroy and Lucy (Weimaraners) napping

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Third Day

We just had another great day with Jenna. She is truly the sweetest dog ever! Her sleek coat is so soft it is unreal.
She is finally eating a little bit! *cheers* I still have to force feed the pills because even though I covered them with PB, she would not fall for it.
Jenna is adjusting well considering all the changes. Surprisingly, she is settling in quicker than I would've thought. Her favorite thing to do is to snooze and get loved on. Her personality is definitely starting to come through. She does a little bunny hop with her front legs and crashes into you when excited. The silly things she did today was lick a pot in my storage drawer when I opened it, and she grabbed one of my shoes after a walk and started to sneak it into the bedroom!
I've always loved greyhounds and wanted to have one in my life since I saw them at the Pet Center at the Minnesota State Fair. Fostering Jenna is a dream come true for our family. Jenna is a true lady with a huge heart and whoever gets her is gonna be so Blessed!
Jenna is super star!

Some of Jenna's funny sleeping positions :

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Jenna is the sweetest Greyhound. She was a racer for a few years, then was a mother, and now is retired. She has never been in a home environment before and everything is so new to her! Jenna thinks stairs are tricky, house plants are to be nibbled on, the people on TV are real, closed sliding glass doors are to be walked through, and reflections in mirrors are memorizing!
This is just her first day in the home and she has done well considering the huge change she has been through. She is doing her business outside wonderfully. She will walk up and rub her face against your tummy for some loving and attention. The biggest problem we have is she won't eat and will not take her medicine (she has been recently spayed).
We've gotten a lot of laughs out of her already, she's very silly and likes to sleep with her mouth open. She has gotten along pretty well with my two Weimaraners Leroy and Lucy.
Hopefully she will find her forever home soon. If you are interested in Jenna please contact Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption of Minnesota for more information.

First time seeing a TV on
She's always smiling
All curled up for a nap
I know I'm super cute!