Saturday, May 16, 2009

Third Day

We just had another great day with Jenna. She is truly the sweetest dog ever! Her sleek coat is so soft it is unreal.
She is finally eating a little bit! *cheers* I still have to force feed the pills because even though I covered them with PB, she would not fall for it.
Jenna is adjusting well considering all the changes. Surprisingly, she is settling in quicker than I would've thought. Her favorite thing to do is to snooze and get loved on. Her personality is definitely starting to come through. She does a little bunny hop with her front legs and crashes into you when excited. The silly things she did today was lick a pot in my storage drawer when I opened it, and she grabbed one of my shoes after a walk and started to sneak it into the bedroom!
I've always loved greyhounds and wanted to have one in my life since I saw them at the Pet Center at the Minnesota State Fair. Fostering Jenna is a dream come true for our family. Jenna is a true lady with a huge heart and whoever gets her is gonna be so Blessed!
Jenna is super star!

Some of Jenna's funny sleeping positions :

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