Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Enjoying the Retired Life

In the past few days we have discovered that Jenna is a grunter. She'll let out a very loooong grunt when she lays down.
Jenna's paws pads are so sensitive to pavement that she has gotten two tiny cuts from little pebbles on both her back paws. She acts as of they hurt so we are taking a couple days off from walking. I've also noticed that she gets stiff and groans if she gets too active, so we have limited stair use and fetching outdoors.
Jenna is always ready to love you up 24/7. When I get home and let her out of her kennel she gets so excited that she just sits as her back legs shake wildly the whole time I pet her. Then she'll do her crazy bunny hop and sometimes knock me down!
Sleeping is Jenna's favorite hobby. She does great in her crate all night and only whines close to getting up. She loves lounging and sleeping on an awesome bed that I set up for her in the living room. As you can see in the photo she has a choice of her comfortable kennel, a large dog bed, or a 3 inch full sized foam topper with blankets AND a dog bed on top. She is so spoiled! She hogs the whole bed and rolls all over it and sometimes will share it with me.
Jenna is very easy going. She is great with her daily tooth brushing, hair brushing, ear cleaning and even nail dremel.
I believe she has settled into our home happily and has perfected the art of retirement.

For more information on adopting Jenna or other greyhounds in the Twin Cities area, please visit Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption.

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