Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dog Days of Spring

Today was the first 90 degree day in Minnesota (a record breaker) and it is not even June! Like all greyhounds, Jenna has trouble regulating her body temp because she is mostly muscle and very little fat. She gets hot very easily so I've placed a fan on her since day one. She sure was grateful to have it blowing on her today!
It has been a joy watching Jenna come out of her shell more and more each day. Yesterday she played with a toy for the first time. She was flinging a knotted rope toy into the air, twirling it around, and pouncing on it. Sadly, I did not have my camera on me to document it. She also has started to do very short sprints in the back yard.
There are things to work on with Jenna. She likes to rip off tags on extension cords and has chewed on a book. She quickly stopped when I correct her though. I hope to teach her basic commands (sit, down, stay, come)once she is completely healed from her surgeries. I also can't wait to spoil her with yummy treats.
Until next time I leave you with pictures of Jenna in front of the fan trying to stay cool...

Jenna with Leroy and Lucy (Weimaraners) napping

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