Friday, May 22, 2009

Silly Jenna!

It has been a week since Jenna entered our lives. Yesterday we went back to the vet to get her spay stitches out. She was a little nervous during the whole ride there and back, but all went well. With her stitches out, I started throwing tennis balls for Jenna in the backyard. She just has a blast running after them, pouncing, staring them down and chewing on them. She does this a few times and then is pooped!
Jenna loves stealing articles of clothing and bringing them back to her bed(hat, shoes, pillows, shorts, shirts, socks). She does this a few times a day, but quickly gives them up when I ask her. She loved the squeaky toy I bought for her today(I don't usually have them because my Weimaraners shreds them instantly).
I heard Jenna bark for the first time this afternoon. We were all napping in the basement and I woke up to Jenna at the sliding glass door barking her silly head off! Turns out she doesn't like yellow finches feeding in our backyard. I called her back to lay down but she continued to bark until they flew off. Birds beware of Jenna! After our nap I let all the dogs out but Jenna stayed inside. After just 1 minute I came back in to see why she didn't follow us...Jenna was busy chewing up my cell phone that I forgot and left out! Luckily the phone still works (minus camera). I've been really diligent about puppy proofing, so this is the first contraband she's gotten a hold of.
Every night we go for a 20 min walk and everything is so new to her! Gas stations, cars, children laughing and everything else we overlook she takes it all in.
She has learned how to use the stairs the past couple of days. When going down I like to walk next to her just in case, but she rocks going back up.
Jenna is a complete joy and I look forward to sharing more of her crazy acts! I really love this dog, she's absolutely adorable and has stolen my heart.

Chewing on a monkey

Tortured with dress up in a red tank top to match her collar

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