Thursday, May 14, 2009


Jenna is the sweetest Greyhound. She was a racer for a few years, then was a mother, and now is retired. She has never been in a home environment before and everything is so new to her! Jenna thinks stairs are tricky, house plants are to be nibbled on, the people on TV are real, closed sliding glass doors are to be walked through, and reflections in mirrors are memorizing!
This is just her first day in the home and she has done well considering the huge change she has been through. She is doing her business outside wonderfully. She will walk up and rub her face against your tummy for some loving and attention. The biggest problem we have is she won't eat and will not take her medicine (she has been recently spayed).
We've gotten a lot of laughs out of her already, she's very silly and likes to sleep with her mouth open. She has gotten along pretty well with my two Weimaraners Leroy and Lucy.
Hopefully she will find her forever home soon. If you are interested in Jenna please contact Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption of Minnesota for more information.

First time seeing a TV on
She's always smiling
All curled up for a nap
I know I'm super cute!

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